Former Podesta Lobbyists Start a New Firm

FIRST IN PI — FORMER PODESTA LOBBYISTS START A NEW FIRM: Two former Podesta Group lobbyists, Oscar Ramirez and Dana Thompson, have left the lobbying firm they co-founded after the Podesta Group’s collapse to start a new one called Fulcrum Public Affairs. They’re bringing 10 clients with them, including Airbnb, Google, Juul Labs, Lyft and T-Mobile … Ramirez and Thompson plan to bring on one or two more staffers in the coming weeks to handle what they anticipate will be around 15 clients. “Those clients are a mix of tech, financial services, health care, education and a couple of nonprofits,” Ramirez said in an interview. The pair are promoting the firm as one of the few in Washington that is “100 percent black/brown-owned,” since Ramirez is Hispanic and Thompson is black. Lobbyists with connections to the Congressional Black Caucus and the Congressional Hispanic Caucus have been in demand since Democrats retook the House.

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